Daycare center cleaning checklist

Daycare Cleaning Checklist
By Cameron, eHow Contributor

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Soak toys in a sanitizing solution for 15 to 20 minutes to get rid of germs.
Every daycare center is exposed to germs and other contaminants that can be harmful to children and staff if it is not cleaned properly. A daycare that has ill children and staff or has been exposed to certain viruses needs to be sanitized from top to bottom before operation. Keep the daycare well stocked with disinfectants and teach children and staff the importance of cleaning up after themselves as well as proper sanitation methods.
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Sanitation Disinfectants
Proper sanitation practices in a daycare will eliminate dirt, soil and contaminants that can contribute to the spread of viruses and disease among children. Sterilizing disinfectant agents should contain bleach with hydrochloric acid, alcohol, chlorine compounds (which clean up bodily fluids and blood spills) and aldehyde (which gets rid of bacteria, spores and viruses). Latex gloves, goggles and a protective smock should be worn at all times when using these toxic disinfectants.

Daycare Materials and Equipment
High traffic areas that are exposed to dirt and bacteria should be disinfected first. Clean tables and desks, chairs, books and play equipment with disinfectant wipes. Use disinfectant sprays or aerosols on classroom boards, school supplies, door/cabinet knobs, cubbies, phone receivers and other daycare equipment. Dip or soak toys in diluted bleach (one quarter cup household bleach and one gallon cool water) for a thorough cleaning at least once a month. Spray toys with a disinfectant agent after the end of each day. Cloth toys should be laundered in ozone detergent and cold water to kill germs.

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